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Some voter registration deadlines to note:
Voter Registration Dates:

Alabama: October 24th.
Alaska: October 9th.
Arizona: October 9th.
Arkansas: You can’t register online, and must register by mail or in person by October 10th.
California: October 24th.
Colorado: You must register online and by mail no later than October 31st, but if you choose to register in person, you have until November 8th.
Connecticut: You’ve got until November 1st to register online or by mail. You have an extra week if you register in person.

Delaware: October 15th.

Florida: Residents can’t register online and must register in person or by mail no later than October 11th.
Georgia: October 11th.
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17-year-olds who will be 18 by Election Day can vote in the primary in some states Click here
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The 10 States Where Millennials Could Sway The Election
As the presidential race shifted to Nevada with Democratic caucuses last week and Republican caucuses Tuesday night, more young voters had a chance to chime in to the political process. Nevada is a state with a huge young, diverse population.
But there is the perennial question: Do young people matter in politics?
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