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Voters Empowerment is your destination, providing everything you need to “rock your vote”, all in one place.

With access, is a reminder of the privilege and responsibility each eligible individual has
as they proceed to the voting booths and log their choice.
It’s not about the candidate, or the party, its truly about feeling empowered and knowing your voice counts.

Please share this destination with your family and friends of voting age.
If we all vote, we signify and secure our right to choose our representation. The very definition of democracy.

Barbara Arnwine’s Address
(From the first edition of the Voting Rights Advocate Newsletter)

Welcome to the first edition of The Voting Rights Advocate, a unique newsletter exclusively designed to bring the current and critical news for voters, voting rights advocates and those committed to promoting the largest civic engagement for an inclusive and robust Democracy.

This newsletter will cover the national landscape of voting barriers and opportunities. Voters and advocates will find the information and resources needed to be engaged and aware of legal, legislative and major developments regarding the right to vote.

The Voting Rights Advocate provides answers to questions about cases, practical tips, a calendar of key events affecting voters, a millennial corner regarding issues affecting young adults, voter registration deadlines and other key information.

We open this edition with inspiring news about recent court decisions in Texas, North Carolina, North Dakota and Wisconsin which rejected some of the most onerous voter ID laws in the nation and other voting restrictions as racially discriminatory. And in Kansas, a judge reinstated the right to vote for 17,500 previously barred by a “proof of citizenship” requirement. Despite the Virginia Supreme Court decision rejecting Gov. McAuliffe’s executive order restoring ex-felon voting, jury and candidacy rights, we are heartened by the Governor’s pledge to use his clear executive authority to restore these rights individual by individual.

Other articles look at the continuing negative effect of the 2013 Shelby v. Holder decision which invalidated the reach of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act to prevent racial discrimination in voting.

Although, the Voting Rights Advocate cannot encompass every voting rights issue, it is dedicated to including stories regarding many vulnerable voters particularly Native Americans, African Americans, Latinos. Asian Americans, people with disabilities, students, low income citizens, formerly incarcerated and the elderly.

We hope you will come to view the Voting Rights Advocate as a key tool in your personal and organizational advocacy for voting rights and civic engagement. Be sure to share your feedback regarding various articles and any pertinent news in your area that the major news may have overlooked by contacting us at:

Barbara R. Arnwine

President & Founder
Transformative Justice Coalition